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The Wind Park Waltersdorf I

The wind farm Waltersdorf I is located in Thuringia (Germany), in the community of Wintersdorf / town Meuselwitz which is in the surrounding area of Altenburg, approximately 40 km South-East of Leipzig and approx. 5 km North-West of Altenburg.

The 12 wind power plants are situated in an open area between the villages Waltersdorf, Neubraunshain and Gorma. The turbines are located on heights of approximately 175m up to 210m above sea level.

Today, the area around the wind turbines is being used for agricultural purposes. Compensatory measures were chosen in 2003 – those were the planting of domestic woods on the area of the former mine railway as well as the planting of a mixed oak forest.

The environmental relief from the wind farm is around 46,000 tonnes of carbon dioxides per annum. The generated electricity supplies approximately 10,500 households consisting of 4 people each.

The 12 wind turbines launched in November 2003 are of Vestas type V80 with a nominal output of 2 MW each, a hub height of 100m and rotor blades of 40m length.

The generated electricity is being fed-in through the transformer station that was specifically planned and built by the Wallenborn Group for this wind farm. The transformer station is being owned by Wallenborn.