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Over 20 years of success in renewable energy

For more than 20 years the team of the Wallenborn Group can proudly look back on their contribution to clean and inexhaustible energy production.

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Pioneers in Croatia: Wallenborn builds wind farm in Senj

„… Pioneers in the region are WPD AG from Bremen and the Wallenborn Group from Saxony. ….
… a small delegation visited the wind park Senj along the Adriatic Coast. ... one of the most impressive wind parks in Europe… „

(Article BWE intern 12/11, Magazine Neue Energie, Issue 12/ 2011)

The Wind Park Senj, Croatia

One of the world's most powerful wind farms has been built in the Northern foothills of the Velebit moutain range in Croatia. The construction and operation of the Senj Wind Farm was planned and implemented by the Wallenborn Group, together with local and foreign companies.

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