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Milestones of the Wallenborn Group

Since 1998, we have accomplished a great deal … and what initially seemed impossible, we made possible.

From 01.05.2022Senj I in Croatia - power direct marketing at the live spot market of Cropex (HR)
2022Solar energy in Klipphausen - own stock 23 kW
Planning and supervision of further solar projects in the commune of Klipphausen / district of Meißen
2022Solar energy in Croatia – plan 10 MW
2022Vrataruša Senj II in Croatia - planned start of construction 3rd quarter
  • Tender for new WTGs
  • Commissioning of 24 MW in 4th quarter 2023
2021Start of planning and supervision of 350 MW solar park in Hungary
2020Legal force of the building permit for Senj II on 13.02.2020
2019Granting of the building permit for Senj II on 19.12.2019
2018Operating agreement for 156 MW in Croatia
2018Application for the building permission
2017Obtaining the location permit for the extension of WP Vrataruša Senj I by 7 WTGs WP Vrataruša Senj II
2013 - 2019Further development of the Wind Farm Senj I in Croatia - optimisation of the yield up to 122 GWh/year
2012Since 2012 further development of projects in Croatia and Hungary
2011Launch of the biogas plant in Thuringia, Germany
2009Launch of one of the worlds most powerful wind farms – Wind Farm Senj along the Adriatic Coast (14 WEA, total 42 MW)
2004Start of planning works of Croatia’s first wind farm to be connected to the national high voltage grid (110 kV) – wind farm Senj I

Acquisition of the first turnkey wind farm to go into the group’s own portfolio – Lachemer Forst, Lower Saxony (3 turbines, total 4.5 MW)

2003First activities in the biomass sector

First turnkey project – planning, development, construction as well as the technical and commercial management of the wind farm Waltersdorf I in Thuringia (12 turbines, total 24 MW), part of the company’s own portfolio

2002First moves abroad

Participation in the construction of the largest wind farm in Europe at the time – wind park Klettwitz in Brandenburg (38 wind turbines, total of 62.7 MW, foundation works)

1998Initial activities in the Renewable Energy sector