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Our Philosophy

Aim of the Wallenborn Group is to actively engage in the transition from fossil fuels to alternative energy sources, and to contribute to a sustainable and safe way to produce energy. For this reason, it is primarily important to build up common trust in renewable energy sources, in particular when cooperating with communities, residents, land owners and investors.

The evolution of the Renewable Energy Sector over the past 25 years shows that the expansion and usage of alternative energy sources is not just environmentally friendly, but presents economically a huge development potential.

We, the Wallenborn Group, have been a player in the sector since 1998 and with our work we put a lot of emphasis on the trust between our project partners, the balance of interests of all participants and an investment that is ecological and that has proven its profitability over the past 10 years.

The philosophy of the Wallenborn Group is aimed at the production of energy from clean and inexhaustible energy resources. The road that leads to this destination combines a high degree of pioneering spirit, innovation and the most important of all characteristics of any liaison or partnership – the trust between our business partners and customers!