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More than 20 Successful Years of Renewable Energies

The Wallenborn Group can look back onto more than 20 years of contributing to a clean and inexhaustible way of producing energy.

Already back in 1999 the group played an active role in the construction of the largest wind farm of Europe at the time. The company did the foundation works for the wind farm Klettwitz in Brandenburg, Germany (38 wind turbines, total of 62.7 MW).

During the period from 2001 to 2003, the Wallenborn Group completed its first own wind farm project, from the very first planning stages up to the erection of the turbines – wind farm Waltersdorf I in Thuringia (Germany) consisting of 12 wind turbines and 24 MW in total. Up until today, the group has been fully managing the technical and commercial operations of the wind park.

In 2005, activities started in the Northern foothills of the Velebit mountain range in Croatia in order to plan and build the first wind farm to be connected to the Croatian high voltage grid (110 kV). The project contains one of the world’s most powerful wind turbines and presents the largest wind power project abroad for the Wallenborn Group so far. The wind park Senj I, which is located near the Adriatic coast in Croatia was erected in 2008/2009 and has been operated with 14 wind turbines and a total of 42 MW since 2010.

The Wallenborn Group actively participates in the German and European wind energy market. With a pipeline of approximately 660 MW and an operational portfolio of 84.5 MW, the company is engaged through project development and operating its own wind farms.

The main office of the group is located in Klipphausen in Saxony (near Dresden). The organisation looks after the different functions, such as planning, development, controlling and operation management of wind power.

Managing Director of the group is Hermann Wallenborn. Mr Wallenborn himself has been a player in the wind power market since 1998.